In the heart of Macedonia, the city of Veria has a history of many centuries, natural beauty and it is highly interesting from an architectural point of view. A walk around the narrow streets of the old town is a “must” see for all visitors of the city of Veria.

Furthermore, the city’s centre is very lively with various entertainment centres and nightclubs, as well as restaurants and taverns offering food of high quality.

Apostle Paul’s Altar:

A historical monument of global interest and a source of religious tourism for the town. Apostle Paul taught in the town in the 1st century AC and he continued his journey feeling happy because of its inhabitants’ warm welcome and their commitment in his speech. Every year in June a festivity called “Pavlia” takes place at this monument.

Byzantine Churches:

Veria is also known because of its numerous byzantine and post-byzantine churches (approximately 48 exist until today and 72 initially), which is the reason why it is also called “Little Jerusalem”, as well as for the unique collections of byzantine holy icons. Especially famous is the church called Anastaseos tou Sotiros or else “the Church of Christ”.

Jewish Synagogue:

In the heart of the Jewish Synagogue of Veria, “Barbouta”, right next to our Guest House, you will find the stone building of the Synagogue, with fabulous indoor decoration.

Byzantine Museum of Veria:

The prosperity of Veria during the Byzantine era is presented in every detail. It is housed in the old Marcos’s Watermill, near the walls of the town. Among the findings, there are mosaics, manuscripts, pottery artefacts, wood carvings and coins.

Royal Macedonian tombs:

A short distance from Veria, in Vergina (12km) you can visit the ancient tomb of King Philip II, as well as the modern underground museum of Vergina with the royal tombs and exhibits from the history of Macedonia as a whole.

What you should do:

Those who are skiing and winter sports lovers will find three organised ski resorts, where you can enjoy skiing and other winter sports, or even a nice winter excursion in nature.

Ski resorts:

Seli (25 km)
3-5 Pigadia (30 km)
Elatochori (35 km)